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To the website for the Merymut Pharaoh Hounds. Here you can find out  about this world famous affix, who are sadly no more. You can have the opportunity to purchase the book “ THE MERYMUT STORY”  which covers the whole period from the kennels inception to it’s final closure.

In 1969 three women set out on a mission to create  a Dynasty of Pharaoh Hounds, Doctors Jeanne Druce,  Christine Singer and Miss Monica Still . Their legacy of these hounds was to spread all over the world and continues to influence the breed to this day.

The Merymut Story has a wealth of information comprising a comprehensive section of Litter lists, Pedigree Lists, with a full history of the formation of the kennels. A Merymut’s Who’s Who. The book is copiously illustrated with full colour as well as black and white photographs, a number of the photographs are exclusive to this book and have not been published before.  Dr Jeanne Druce kindly allowed the writer Yvonne Ashby access to her own private collection of photographs and memorabilia.

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Dr Jeanne Druce

Dr Christine Singer

Miss Monica Still